Deborah Rachel Kagan

Deborah Kagan is a healer; she can cure. Her extensive training with Master Lin Yun has given her the tools to guide her innate sense of spatial relationships. She can release the energy lying dormant in any space, transforming a static environment into one flowing with creativity and abundance.

The surroundings you inhabit are a reflection of your world. Deborah is an architect of energy. Using the combination of her Feng Shui expertise and her grounded sense of aesthetics, she taps into a practical, holistic approach creating powerful spaces for her clients. Deborah will put you in touch with your heart's desires and radically improve the quality of your life.

A graduate of NYU and a native New Yorker who transplanted to Los Angeles in 1994, Deborah has been defined as a goddess, a hip-hop artist, and a connected intuitive accomplished professional. In addition to leading Sacred Interiors, she is a writer, dancer, certified yoga teacher and the creator of Atma Jewels. Her inimitable style and genuine smile are infectious. She is a powerhouse.

Deborah is an avid traveler. Her drive and determination took her to such places as the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, the rainforests of Brazil, the majestic islands of Galapagos, the divine streets of Paris and road tripping across the USA. This good fortune gave her an appreciation of what the world offers and a deep understanding of global energy, its effects on the environment and on its people.

The response to her work has been tremendous , inviting fortune to top talent agents, doctors, notable actors, studios, restaurants, hotels and prominent businesses... her power is irrefutable.

Her mission of "Healing the Planet - One Space at a Time" ™ is nurtured through consultations with residential and corporate clients and her lectures and workshops. Deborah is dedicated to empowering those who are ready to embrace a life on purpose. She will teach you how to create your own sacred interior wherever you go.